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The Annual Scientific Meeting is open to Health Care Professionals and Sponsor Staff Members only.

The health and safety of Meeting attendees is our highest priority. All participants at the Meeting will be required to comply with the COVID Safety Guidelines and protocols in place with the venues and the Meeting, which will be compliant with all relevant Government health advice at that time.

As part of the registration process, we will collect personal information about you. By registering for this event the ANZAN and Seed Events Management reserves the right to collect and provide your contact details to authorities for the purposes of contact tracing and any relevant Government requirements.


Once registration is received a confirmation email and tax invoice will be issued. Any accounts must be paid in full 7 days from the invoice date or 10 business days before the conference start date, whichever comes first. The organisers reserve right, without notification, to cancel outstanding accounts anytime after 7 days from date of tax invoice being sent.
If payment is not received prior to the conference, access will be granted only after full payment is made.


The conference organisers reserve the right to change activities, topics and presenters where necessary. "The organisers shall not be liable for any loss caused by the cancellation of the conference where such cancellation is due to Force Majeure. The term "Force Majeure" means any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the organisers including but not limited to War, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), terrorism, aircraft hijacking, military operation, riot, civil war, rebellion, civil commotion or unrest, natural disasters, Acts or Regulations of government, refusal to grant visas, explosions, transport delays, transport difficulties and the insolvency of airline carriers. The organisers will use all reasonable efforts to conduct the conference despite the intervention or occurrence of any such cause.